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At SAILBOATRIGGING.CO.UK we offer a comprehensive rigging service for all owners / operators of any type of sailing vessel. Anyone who owns or sails a yacht will know that, at one time or another a rope will break, a wire will fray or a fitting may crack or a ‘keen’ yacht surveyor will ask for certain changes. When this happens, then the shopping-around starts. Based in Southampton and with immediate access to many ports and marinas, we are a mayor supplier to the yachting fraternity in the South of England. Yacht rigging has moved with the times and of course over the years rope materials have evolved and today there is a ‘tailored’ rope for any occasion. Apart from the still popular classic such as hemp and sisal for traditional vessels, modern engineered ropes such as dyneema, vectran, technora and many custom-compositions are available. We carry a large selection of ropes for running rigging, from Marlow Braids, Gleistein Mooring Ropes, Liros Classic, English Braid, traditional ropes made by Master Rope Makers to highly valued Performance Rope made by Southern Ropes. We offer ropes in any lengths, sizes and any terminations, whether just a cut length, full reel, or a complete spliced halyard. We also stock a wide selection of rigging hardware, whether these are mast fittings or deck gear anything from Tylaska Snap Shackles, Wichard Fairleads, Lewmar Blocks, Ronstan track systems to Harken furling gear.

Standing Rigging is another important part of the set-up of a yacht. We supply all the major types such as, wire rod and composite. We carry out in-house production or will visit the vessel on-site. We only use the best quality material components available and are proud to be supplied by companies such as STA-LOK Terminals, Blue Wave, BSI and NAVTEC. Whether a simple pelican hook needs changing ,a riggng screw has seized or an entire rigging package needs to be supplied ,we will deliver whatever is required within budget and on-time !

Another important aspect of your work is Rigging Surveys. Most people do not realise something is wrong, until the damage is done. Often the timing is wrong and the consequence costly. We recommend to have mast, spars, standing & running rigging thoroughly inspected at least once every year on a cruising yacht and twice on a racing yacht. We inspect all of the rigging related items on deck and aloft. A report will be issued with findings and recommendations. A rigging survey is especially recommended for anyone thinking of purchasing a boat, ask for the latest report or insist on a full survey being carried out prior to you inspection the boat. Having all the necessary rigging gear well maintained and properly installed is very important, however equally important is the most efficient tuning of the rig. All of those cruising and especially racing, will know that a skillfull rig-tune will make a real difference to the sailing performance. For example, a good sailmaker will look at mast or ask about the set-up /preferences in order to produce an efficient sail. A rig should be dock-tuned whilst along side and thereafter sail-tuned whilst sailing. All boat builders and spar makers give certain parameters as guidance however; ultimately it is the sailing performance which will influence the decision on how to tune the rigging. We are offering this service and make no secret out of rig tuning, this means we are happy to make suggestions, to explain and pass on recommendations to our customers which in turn will make them understand their vessel better.


Southampton Rigging a department of Rigmasters (UK) Ltd

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